There are 8 podcasts each with a different theme led by 8 DJs, featuring guests and various sound artists. Half of them will be released on 9th December (B) and the other half on 10th December (U), so please keep an eye on our website! Why don't you get yourself relaxed at home and listen to our NOBUDAM Radio?

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10 DEC (U): 2AM, 2PM, SLEEP and LOVE



8개의 테마로 이루어진 라디오 팟캐스트가 준비되어있습니다. 이틀의 걸쳐 라디오 팟캐스트가 공개될 예정이고 8명의 DJ와 다양한 게스트분들과 사운드

아티스트의 작업을 들으실 수 있으니 많은 기대 부탁드립니다! 노부담 라디오와 함께 집에서 편안한 시간 보내시길 바랍니다!

아래 이미지를 클릭해서 팟캐스트 영상을 봐주세요!

12월 9일 (B): 요리, 건강, 힐링, 취미

12월 10일 (U): 새벽 2시, 오후 2시, 취침, 사랑

cooking_DJharam 사본.jpg

Cooking with DJ Haram

Scriptwriter: Yerin Kang

Sound Artist: Hayeah

What does the kitchen mean to you? Let's talk about this with DJ Haram and guest Ciel. Come on in and join us!

Health_DJelena 사본.jpg

Health with DJ Elena

Scriptwriter: Yerin Kang

Sound Artist: Choyeon

Are you having difficulty sleeping? Did your Gym close due to COVID-19? Are you losing focus and motivation? If yes, join me on this podcast to get a dose of ‘HEALTH.’

recharge_DJ 사본.jpg

Recharge with DJ Selin

Scriptwriter: David Park

Sound Artist: Parknulha, Chez Mild

How do you recharge yourselves after finishing studies and work? This radio episode will talk about what it means to recharge and ways in which some of us are recharging during these unprecedented times, with Hayeon.

Hobby_DJalex 사본.jpg

Hobby with DJ Alex

Scriptwriter: David Park

Sound Artists: Grove Road Records (Chez Mild, Yoon Young)

Whether it's sports or music, everyone has their own way of relieving stress and releasing creativity. This radio will explore some of the hobbies you can take up when you're not at the desk working, with Alastair.

2am_DJchezmild 사본.jpg

2AM with DJ Chez Mild

Scriptwriter: David Park

Sound Artists: Parknulha, Chez Mild, Nake

The depths of the late night. What do we do? Overstudy, overthink, overlove?

A short exploration of the peace we try to find in the early hours of a chaotic society.

2pm_DJharim 사본.jpg

2PM with DJ Harim

Scriptwriter: Sally Chang

Sound Artist: Parknulha

That English Breakfast you had for lunch giving you a food coma? Feeling bad you aren't being productive nor actually taking some rest? It's okay to not be okay - it's only 2PM.

sleep_DJsally 사본.jpg

Sleep with DJ Sally

Scriptwriter: Sally Chang

Sound Artist: LIAD

Life can be tough. That's why we go to sleep. Dig deeper into your sheets and tune in to your dreams.

Love_DJ 사본.jpg

Love with DJ Eric

Scriptwriter: David Park

Sound Artists: Yoon Young, Jiyeon Lee

Love is often overlooked and taken for granted but it is all around in different shapes and forms. Why don't we love more while we still can?