Ciel Kim 김채린

BA Design Management, University of the Arts London

CLK Nobudam Final.jpg

For many people, including myself, COVID 19 really changed a lot of aspects of my life. Starting from the way it changed the way I work to maintaining a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally. However, I think the thing that impacted me the most was the travel ban. With the UK reaching its peak number of cases and deaths starting back in April, international flights were extremely difficult to schedule and in my case, the ticket I booked a year in advance was also cancelled. Only being able to see my close family once a year for about two months was difficult enough but even that was taken away from me this year. 


I associate the word 'home' to where my family and loved ones are rather than a destination as most people would. This time really gravitated me to think about combining the two concepts together to create this digital piece. How would an amalgamation of the two ideas be represented visually?